Carillon Point

Health Club

Carillon Point Health Club membership is ONLY available to current office tenants on a first-come-first-serve basis. Membership is limited to 250 members, but currently there are memberships available. The Carillon Point Health Club is located on the first floor in the Northeast corner of the 5000 building. Membership includes the use of locker rooms, towel service, shower rooms, and exercise equipment.

4 Stairmasters
2 EFX546 Eliptical Trainers
Foam Stretching Mats
3 Lifecycle Computerized Bikes
2 Trotter 460 Tredmills
Ballet Barre (10 Feet)
Oblique Flexor
Leg Press
Chest Press-Vertical
Shoulder Press
Pec Deck-Vertical
Multi-Purpose Incline/Flat Bench
Beauty Bell Rack with Dumbells

Month-to-Month Membership Fees
Initiation Fee: $50
Monthly Membership: $35
Total with Tax: $93.08

Yearly Membership Fees
Initiation Fee: $50
Yearly Membership: $385
Total with Tax: $476.33

Hours of Operation
4:30am-10:00pm (365 days a year)

Health Club Application
Health Club Application

Contact Information
Esther Lockwood
Carillon Properties
(425) 822-1700